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"Spam. Don't Buy It."
Public Education Effort Launched And Funded By Permission Email Pioneer Mike Adams

Internet Users Must Take Responsibility For Spam Problem, Urges Permission Email Pioneer Mike Adams

December 9, 2003 - Tucson, AZ - Statement from Mike Adams, President & CEO, Arial Software LLC, and founder of the "Spam. Don't Buy It." public education campaign ( Permission is granted for use of this statement with proper attribution:

While Internet users are rightfully raising their voices and urging legislators to outlaw spam, few users examine their own contribution to the problem. It is true that the primary blame for spam falls on spammers, but it is equally true that spam wouldn't exist at all if Internet users stopped buying products offered by spammers.

Every user's inbox is a reflection of what Internet users are buying through spam. No spammer sends emails in the interests of the public good: they do it for profit, and that profit is only generated when Internet users open spam, read spam, and buy from spam.

To stop spam, we have to stop buying from spam. That's why I have created the "Spam. Don't Buy It." campaign to help educate Internet users on their role in the ongoing spam problem.

Every Internet user who has purchased a product from an unsolicited email is a contributor to the spam problem. These people have inadvertently voted with their dollars, and they have voted to keep spammers in business.

If we, as Internet citizens, wish to eliminate the spam problem, we must go beyond legislative and technical solutions. We must make spam unprofitable. Take the money away, and spammers will become ex-spammers. Because, for these people, spamming is nothing more than a business proposition.

Simply put, if you don't want spam, stop buying products from spammers. Just one purchase creates enough profit for spammers to bankroll the spamming of another million people.

If you buy from spam, you are part of the problem.

Spam. Don't Buy It.


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About Mike Adams
Mike Adams is the President & CEO of Arial Software, LLC, maker of Campaign Enterprise permission email software, used by organizations to communicate with customers, readers, members and subscribers on a personalized basis. Arial Software's clients include Fortune 500 firms, universities, government and non-profits. For more information, visit

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