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"Spam. Don't Buy It."
Public Education Effort Launched And Funded By Permission Email Pioneer Mike Adams

About Spam Don't Buy It is a non-commercial public education website created and funded by permission marketing advocate Mike Adams. This site earns no money whatsoever and is 100% free of advertising or commercial promotion.

Mike Adams is the president of Arial Software, LLC, makers of permission email software used by Fortune 500 firms, non-profits, and government agencies. He has been an outspoken critic of spam and spamming practices, and has publicly advocated the passage of meaningful anti-spam legislation while working to educate his customers about the power and importance of permission marketing.

As the author of, Adams is outspoken in his belief that while anti-spam legislation is a good step, the problem of spam cannot be solved through laws alone: a grassroots economic approach is needed. "Take the profit out of spamming," he explains, "and spammers will find a new line of work." is an effort to educate end users on the true power they hold to stop spam while simultaneously pointing out the double standard some Internet users hold when they complain about spam but buy from spammers anyway.

Adams encourages end users to economically reward businesses that follow a true permission marketing philosophy.

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