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Internet Users Must Take Responsibility For Spam Problem

"Spam. Don't Buy It."
Public Education Effort Launched And Funded By Permission Email Pioneer Mike Adams

We all hate spam and we love to blame spammers. But if you buy products or services from spam email, you are just as guilty as the spammers for creating the problem. Purchasing just one product bankrolls a spammer with enough money to spam another million people.

We can stop the spam, together, if we stop clicking on spam and buying from spam. You can stop spam by sharing the word and using the banners below to link to this site.

Things you can do to stop spam:
  • Never buy products from spam.
  • Don't let your friends buy products from spam.
  • Spread the word by placing this icon on your website and linking to

How to participate
To display the Spam Don't Buy It icon on your website, copy and paste one of the following HTML code snippets into the front page of your website:

Graphic by Dan Grover

Spam. Don't Buy It. en enspanol

Graphic by Gustavo Santiago, G.I. Pegasus

Graphic by Gustavo Santiago, G.I. Pegasus

Eight truths about your role in the war against spam
  1. If you buy from spammers, you are part of the problem.

  2. Legislation alone cannot solve the spam problem. When there are profits to be made, spammers will find a way to spam.

  3. Money you spend on products from spammers is reinvested in sending more spam.

  4. You vote with your dollars. Purchasing from spammers keeps them in business.

  5. Purchasing just one product from a spammer bankrolls them with enough money to spam another million people.

  6. If spamming becomes unprofitable, spammers will become ex-spammers.

  7. Buy products and services from permission email marketers only.

  8. Share the word. Friends don't let friends buy from spammers

How spammers stay in business:

Step 1: The spammer sends 10 million spam emails offering a product for sale for $100. Total cost to the spammer: $500.
Step 2: 10 people buy the product. That's $1,000 in revenue.
Step 3: The spammer fills the orders at a cost of $250.
Step 4: The spammer pockets $250 as profit.
Step 5: The spammer uses the remaining $500 to email another 10 million people.

How to stop the cycle:

  • Don't buy from spammers. Interrupt step 2.
  • This makes spamming unprofitable.
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